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Malmö Travel Guide and Travel Tips

This is the Malmö Travel Guide with is the third largest city in Sweden with more than three hundred thousand inhabitants. Above all it is a city with a rich history combined with beautiful architecture and that makes it after all a city with two faces. This is the Malmö Travel Guide with the most essential Malmö Travel Tips to read and watch!

Travel to the city of Malmö

The easiest way to travel to the city is by train from Copenhagen Denmark airport. A journey takes about 25 minutes and a single journey costs around 12 euros. Basically you arrive here at the central station in the city center.


Although Malmö has its own airport, but it’s further away than Copenhagen airport. As a result of that it’s easier to fly to Copenhagen so you have more opportunities for European or international flights.

When you take the train you travel over the striking landmark the “Øresund Bridge” and is also a kind of tourist attraction.

oresund bridge malmo travel

Maybe you know this bridge from the serie “The Bridge“. It’s a scary serie and I have to say may travel journey was much smoother 😉 The bridge is 8 kilometers long and with the opening in 2000 Malmö and Copenhagen were officially connected.

Turning Torso

One of the most iconic buildings in Malmö is the Turning Torso. It is a 190 meter high skyscraper designed by “Santiago Calatrava” and it’s the first rotating skyscraper in the whole world. From bottom to top it rotates 90 degrees.

Malmo Turning Torso travel tips

This is the tallest building in Sweden. The only thing I miss is a panoramic viewing point that’s a pity but this building is really unique.

Turning Torso Malmo travel

Västra Hamnen

The Turning Torso is located  in the harbor district “Västra Hamnen“.

Västra Hamnen malmo travel Turning Torso

In a past and inaccessible neighborhood with industrial parts, a shipping yard and large cranes but today a new city district with much more modern architecture.

It’s also a skater’s paradise with this large skateboard park spanning over 2.000 square meters.

Skateboardpark Malmo Sweden

And on a sunny day this is the place to go to the beach.

Beach malmo sweden

Gamla Staden

One of the best travel tips is to visit the old city heart. It is called Gamla Staden and over here you find for example the Lilla Torg, the smallest square.

Lilla Torg malmo street, gamla staden

One thing that stands out is the building style not Swedish but Danish and that’s because Malmö was a Danish city until the 17th century but came into Swedish hands in 1658. That happened with the peace of Roskilde, a treaty. “King Frederick III” was forced to give up almost a half of his territory.

Lilla Torg malmo travel guide, sweden

Next to Lilla Torg you will find the big market it’s called Stortorget.

Stortorget malmo sweden

This is really the bustling heart of the city where people meet for a drink a lunch or maybe a “Fika” and that’s a traditional Swedish coffee moment.

Another square in the city center the Gustav Adolfs Torg. It is a beautiful square decorated with trees, sculptures and fountains. In the winter months you will find the Christmas market over here.

Gustav Adolf Torg malmo travel guide

Form/Design Center

In the old town you’ll also find the Form/Design Center. There are some exhibitions inside and you can also buy some Swedish design things and you can visit it completely free of charge.

St. Peter’s Church

And then the oldest building in town it’s the church the St. Peter’s. It dates back to the 14th century and it’s 105 meters high.

church malmo sweden in spring

Although the medieval frescoes were destroyed during some wars in the past the church is certainly worth a visit.

Malmöhus slott

A castle you can’t miss during your visit is the Malmöhus slott. It was originally built in 1434 and demolished in the early 16th century.

Malmöhus slott malmo sweden travel

The current castle was built between 1526 and 1539 and it is the oldest surviving Scandinavian castle from the Renaissance.

Castle Malmo Martijn Around The World

Over here you can also visit the Malmö museum. It’s the largest museum in southern Sweden. In the exhibitions the museum tells about history, nature, technology and shipping.

Parks in Malmö

The city is full with beautiful parks next to the castle you can visit the beautiful Kungsparken with an English garden, sculptures and beautiful tulips grow in the spring.

Malmo Kungsparken fountain sweden

Another park you can visit is Folkets Park and it’s a really nice place also for kids. 

Folkets Park Malmo grass

This park was built in the early 19th century and it was originally supposed to be a private park. In 1891 the Social Democratic Association bought this park and it was opened to the general public.


And the personal tip is to go to the district Möllevången you will find it next to Folkets Park. It’s a really nice neighborhood next to the park with a lot of restaurants and great street art.

Möllevången restaurant, Malmo

Best to visit Malmö

I think may till september because of the longer days and the higher temperatures. Check the actual weather in Malmö.

Malmo city sweden

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