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Mexico City Travel Guide and Travel Tips

I have never seen a place so big, colorful and vibrant as the capital of Mexico, also known as CDMX (Ciudad de México). A city that never sleeps, always smiles and has never disappointed me. One of the biggest cities in the world with around 25 million inhabitants. During my visit I also made the Mexico City Travel Guide with all the essential and must see Mexico City Travel Tips.

Travel from the Airport and around Mexico City

The first thing I do is buying a data sim card at the airport. It will set you back around 7 euros and the card gives you 1GB of data. That’s important when you use the taxi service Uber or Google Maps. I always use the Uber service and I have never had a problem. It’s not an advertisement, but from my own experience the safest way to travel. From the airport I always take the taxi service “Sitio 300”. You can buy your ticket at the kiosk inside the terminal. After that you go to the “Sitio 300” taxi stand outside the terminal.


Old Town – Centro Histórico

The old part of Mexico City is called “Centro Histórico“. This neighborhood has changed so much over the years. In the past it wasn’t that safe, but nowadays it’s good to go. You will find food-stalls on every corner of the street. With the great Mexican cuisine. Maybe you recognize the big square in Centro Histórico from the James Bond film “Spectre“. This part of town is not only vibrant by day, but also by night.

Big Square in Centro Histórico
Centro Mexico City


The district Polanco is often called the “Beverly Hills” of Mexico City and it is really the part where you see the rich and famous. With expensive apartments and hotels, really nice boutique shops and some high class restaurants. It’s one of my favorite places to go out for dinner.

Roma and Condesa

If you want to walk through the city and yes it is possible and safe by the day. My advice is to go to the neighborhoods of “Roma” and “Condesa“. This part of Mexico City is full of beautiful street art. If you don’t want to walk you can easily rent a bike.  Something you see here is the aftermath of the last earthquakes. Mexico City is often hit by earthquakes, but the last one was really heavy and some buildings are on the verge of collapse. In this Mexico City Travel Guide I would also give you a personal travel tip. You definetly should visit the local market in Roma with a lot of small food stalls.

Street Art in Roma and Condesa
Building on the verge of collapse


For me the most authentic part of the city is Coyoacán. It’s a small village in a big city. It’s great to visit this neighborhood on the weekend. You are not the only one, but together with a lot of locals. They are coming with the whole family to chill or walk.

Coyoacán on Sunday

Santa Fe

The total opposite of “Coyoacán” is “Santa Fe, the modern part of town. It’s a business district and a copy of “La Défense” from Paris. Maybe you know that place. They have one of the biggest shopping malls of America here.  But I don’t think that’s the reason you go to Mexico City 😉

Santa Fe Mexico City

Reforma (street) in Mexico City

The most famous street in the city is “Reforma“. A very long street. They close the street on Sunday. Allowing you to run or bike over it. This is also the place where people protest against a lot of things.  Actually there is a protest every day. These are not the richest people. So protesting is the only possibility for them.

Teotihuacán – near Mexico City

One hour by taxi outside the city you can visit the pyramids of the sun and moon in “Teotihuacán“.  They were made by the oldest known civilization that’s ever lived on earth. You can climb to the top of the mountains and that is a real workout. Keep that in mind and bring some water. The pyramid of the sun is 243 steps to the top. You will also see a lot of street vendors and they try to sell you a lot of stuff. Be careful. Because some pieces are authentic and were taken from the pyramids. Which means you’re liable if you buy authentic stuff.

Pyramids of the Sun

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